Katia is an internationally recognised Dating, Relationship and Body Language Expert with over 19 years experience in the Film and TV Industry. She is the co-author of the bestselling How To Get The Man/Woman You Want and has conducted a widely published five-year global study “Real People, Real Answers – What men and women want” into dating and mating patterns. She also created and produced a global online ‘How to’ campaign that generated over 12 million views.

Her broad knowledge and research on dating and non-verbal communication has made Katia a sought after a media commentator, brand spokesperson and host. She has been interviewed over 1,000 times by media outlets worldwide.She appears regularly on television programs such as The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and contributes to publications in Australia and overseas such as BRW, Good Health and Medicine, Marie Claire, New Idea, Woman’s Day, CLEO, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun and New Idea, Grazia to name a few.

Katia has been the spokesperson for numerous campaigns including Veet®, Gillette®, Lynx®, Telfast® and Blackberry®. In addition, she has been commissioned by companies to advise on market trends, develop and implement research strategies and develop and write targeted marketing campaigns including the Veet Leg Language Guide, Colgate Smile Analysis and Movember Kissing Guide. Katia has also analysed the body language of countless celebrities and politicians on television, radio and the print media.

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